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TR [Android] - BP Reader

Brief description of the project:

[Android] BP reader

Blood Pressure App Pro allows you in a fast, simple, and safe way to control your blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, weight, etc. You can easily track the evolution tendency of your values, get the meaning of your measurement values, know if you are at a normal level, and be able to discover information and helpful tips on how to improve your lifestyle for better health!

Application operation algorithm:

  1. Application launch;

  2. Language screen

  3. Opening the Home screen.

  1. Language screen in the app application

- Select Language

  1. Home screen in the app application

  1. Tracker :

This allows you to take a record of your blood pressure .

  1. Max :

This icon shows you the max blood pressure entry

  1. Plus sign(Take record):

Enables you to add records.

The action is carried out according to the following logic:

  • Select Systolic

  • Select Diastolic

  • Select Pulse

  • The system automatically collects date and time stamp

  • Save record .

  • Based on your entry the system indicates your blood pressure level

  1. History

This shows a record of all the blood pressure inputted in the system

  1. Info

This feature provides important information on Blood pressure : Clicking on one picture provides more info on the images.

  1. . Settings

    1. Language

This allows you select/change the language on the app

  1. Export as file

This allows you share the report of your bp as a file

API information (if necessary):


Content task

  1. List of languages and content to the used

  2. List of information on blood pressure