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TR [Android] - Caller ID

Brief description of the project:

Caller ID helps identify unknown callers and show who’s calling you. Block spam calls, robocalls, telemarketing and unwanted calls. Display true caller id name and region for you.

Application operation algorithm:

  1. Application launch;

  2. Alert access screen

  3. Permission screen

  4. Scanner

  5. Home page

1. Alert  screen in the app application

- An alert pops up to inform you of the permissions needed

  1. Permission  screen in the app application

This prompts the user to accept permissions on the dashboard


  1. Home screen

3.1 History:

Shows the call logs of  the mobile app.

3.2 Contacts:

This opens a list of contacts on your phone. Clicking on the plus icon redirects you to the add contacts page of your phone.

3.3 Block:

This shows you a list of blocked contacts .clicking on a plus sign allows

Plus sign : Allows you to add new number to blocked list

Enter Number : Allows you to manually add a number to the block list

From Called history: Allows you to block a number from call history

From Contacts: Allows you to block a number from the contacts

View Spam List :This allows you view a list of spam contacts on your phone

View Block List : This shows the list of your blocked contacts

Block Settings: Allows you to edit block settings

  1. Hamburger Menu

This allows you search for the caller ID of the number

Location: Shows you the location of the number searched.

  1. Call Blocking : Redirects you to the block caller id screen.

  2. Back up : Allows you to back up the caller id data on your phone

  1. Settings: Allows you to edit settings of your Caller ID.

API information (if necessary):

  1. API to detect caller id.

  2. API to detect country code.

  3. API to Block numbers.

  4. API to detect Scammers. Content task