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TR [Android] Second phone number

Brief description of the project: The application is used to make calls and send SMS to other countries without purchasing SIM cards - API Algorithm of the application operation

Description Screens:

Tab "messages" - shows incoming and outgoing messages. When you click on your number at the top of the screen, a submenu opens with my numbers to replace one with another.

When you click on the icon in the upper right corner, a window opens with the ability to write a new message. Clicking on the plus opens the main screen of the contacts tab, which allows you to select a contact to send a message.

Tab "contacts" - shows the contacts of the application (those contacts with whom the interaction took place through the application) and all contacts of the phone. Clicking on the plus opens a screen with the ability to quickly add a new contact. By clicking on search, you can quickly find an existing contact.

“Calls” tab - has a keyboard for dialing numbers, in the upper left corner you can change the country, when you select a country, the code of the selected country is automatically entered on the keyboard. Under the keyboard, the amount of money left by the user and a button with a quick replenishment are shown. To the left of the call button, there is a call history button, when clicked, a window opens to the user, showing all his calls and missed calls.

“Account” tab - in the top center, the user should see his funds, tariffs and the ability to replenish his funds. Also, see your active numbers and quickly switch between them. Clicking on rates opens a window with rates. When you click on replenishment, the replenishment window opens. When you click on the gear, a window with settings opens.

Settings - has a screen where you can turn on and off call recording, which will be recorded and displayed on the same screen, when you turn it on, the user is notified that he must warn his interlocutor about the recording of the conversation.

It is possible to set a password to enter the application and various settings that are shown in the reference.

Also, the user can see how to install the application widget on the phone. + standard tabs like terms of use, privacy, rate us, and restore purchase.