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TR [Android] Todo List

Brief description of the project:

To-Do List - Schedule Planner & To Do List Task Manager is a free and easy online to-do list manager and schedule planner app which can be used to manage your time.

Application operation algorithm:

  1. Application launch;

  2. Alert - permission to allow camera and photos

  3. Open home screen

1. Authorization screen in the app application

  • Picture

  • Alert Prompt “ Allow app to take pictures and Gallery”

  • Click allow to give access

  • Camera opens

  1. Home Screen

After app launch, you see the home page. And different categories

  1. Work

This allows you to assign work task in a separate sheet

  1. Personal

This allows you to assign personal tasks on a separate tab

  1. All

This shows all assigned tasks on one sheet

  1. Wishlist

Allows you to store data of your wants and needs .

  1. Hamburger menu

Manage Category

This allows you to take create new categories

  1. Search :

This allows you to search from all your categories for a task.


  1. Sort By :

This allows you to sort your task in the following conditions

  • sort by date and time

  • Sort by date created

  • Sort in Alphabetical Order

  • Manual sort by long pressing

  1. Print

Clicking on this allows you to select from a range to print

  1. Calendar

This opens a calendar that allows you to set task on specific times of day

4.1. Add Task

4.2Hamburger menu:

Alternate Calendars: Clicking on this option directs you to a list of languages for you to download to local storage

API information (if necessary):



Content task

  1. List of  alternate calendars

  2. List of template tas to use