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TR [Android] Transfer & Copy


The application allows the device to transfer and receive files from the old device via a wireless connection into the new device.


After launch of app Home screen opens

Landing Page - Home screen

This is the home screen that is displayed after successful access. It gives a brief overview of the application and how the file transfer is effected.

Functional Flow.

Receiving files.

User scans a QR code on the sending / old phone. When the connection is established , file transfer begins.

Sending Files

Permissions must be enabled on the sending device.

Select the files to send.On Selecting the items to send, the user is moved to the old device's local storage to select the content to migrate.

Scan QR code to establish a connection

On successful connection and upload, the user is shown progress on the screen as per the below screenshots.

Upload progress;

Screen 1 Screen 2


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