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TR [Android] Video Downloader app

Brief description of the project:

The application allows you to download videos from multiple sites to your phone.

Application operation algorithm:

  1. Application launch;

  2. Splash Screen 3.. Disclaimer

4.. Opening the Home screen.

  1. Authorization screen in the app application

  • Picture

  • Alert Prompt

  1. Home screen in the app application

Search (Enter website name :

This allows you to make a search of the website URl you want to get the videos from. App icons :

These are shortcuts to the websites shown as app icons on the home page, clicking on them would take you to the url of the site.

How to download videos:

The action is carried out according to the following logic:

  • Go to website

  • Select the Video

  • Click the download icon

  1. Files

Clicking on this icon takes you to a page where you can see the summary of all your download activities:

  1. Download

Shows a list of downloads from social media.

Music: shows a List of downloaded music .

Clicking on the video plays the video with an inbuilt video player and basic playback features

  • Play as music - allows you the play the audio version of the video downloaded

  • Convert to audio - this converts the video to an audio file

  • Delete - This deleted the download video from storage

  • Sync to gallery - This saves the file in your gallery also for easy viewing

  • Location - this allows you see the location of the downloads folder

  • Move to private folder - Clicking on this icon at the bottom of the screen transfers your selected file to a protected folder

Set Password: When you click on the private folder icon at the bottom , it takes you to the private folder where you set your password for the first time user and an optional backup email account

  1. Local videos

This shows the list of videos on your phone

3.3. !

when you click, a window opens with a choice of to select from the selected printers,Contact Us and Share the app. The choice is made by clicking on the appropriate item


  • Supported Printers: When you click on this option, it opens a page that gives some details about how to use the printer and a list of all supported printers.

  • Contact us: When you click on Contact us , it redirects you to the draft page of your default mail provider .

  • Share this app: When you click on this option , it redirects you to a page that gives you different options to share the app.

  1. Add button

This Opens a page that allows you to select pictures from your device. The selected picture appears in the middle of the paper selected. The size of the image is displayed on a tab hovering on the image.

  • Adjust picture size:After uploading the picture there is an option to resize the image by dragging the points on ths image. The value of the image displayed in the hover tab is also adjusted as the size is adjusted.

  1. Save - when pressed, a list of save options is opened (PDF,PNG, JPQ) for the user to select. Clicking on an option saves the image in the selected format.

  2. Print - when pressed, it opens the print feature of the mobile app, prompting the user to select the printer, When an available printer is found and selected , the print button turns blue enabling the user to print. After which it redirects the user back to the home page.

API information (if necessary):

  1. Find Printer API

  2. Add Image API

Content task

  1. List of measurements to be used.

  2. List of paper sizes in the listed measurements above.

  3. Alert prompt for completed actions.