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TT [Android] AndroidVPN

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Brief description of the project:
Tube VPN is a professional software to help users better protect their privacy. In the Internet age, personal information is often exposed. How to protect the security of personal information is a difficult problem. Tube VPN is a very powerful protection application, which can protect your personal information security no matter what network environment you are in.
Application operation algorithm:

  1. Subscription screen

  2. Opening the Home screen.

  3. Home screen in the app application


This allows you to connect to another server from a list of servers selected.

Smart Location :

This is the current server you are connecting to, clicking on it redirects you to a list of available servers.

The action is carried out according to the following logic:

  • Select server

  • Permission Screen

  • Connect

  • Success

  1. Hamburger

Clicking on this icon takes you to Navbar which has some options:

2.1. Share to Others

Allows you to share the VPN app to your friends on social media.

2.2. Rate US

This allows you to rate the app

2.3. Privacy Policy

Allows you to view the privacy policy of the App.

3.4. Terms of service

Allows you to view the Terms of use of the App.

API information (if necessary):

  1. Find server API

Content task
1. List of servers to be used.