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TT [Android] Screen Recorder

Brief description of the project: an application for streaming and screen recording.

Application algorithm:

Application Requests:

  • Sending a notification

  • Camera access

At the first launch, the application sends permission requests for the above items, then opens the Home screen

Screen Descriptions:

  1. Main page (Recorder):

There is a “Record” button in the center of the screen which should be animated.

On the main screen, at the top is the recording time, which starts after pressing the screen recording button, which is located below.

Under the screen recording button there is a block which is divided into 3 parts:

  • Resolution

  • Bitrate

  • Frames per second (FPS)

In each block there should be information of current settings. Settings can be changed by tapping on each block.

Below that there should be “Livestream” button

At the bottom of the screen there is TapBar with two buttons:

  • Recorder (Main page)

  • My Recordings

After tapping on “Record” button there should be popup with notification: “Turn on Do Not Disturb to avoid unexpected notifications.” With button “Start recording” and button “Mute” by tapping on which the device will not record sound from the microphone.

When the user is starting recording or streaming - the animation of “Record” button should be changed to show that recording is active.

When the recording or streaming is active and user is not in the app, there should be small window with information about length of recording and “Stop” Button.
After tapping on it there should be an alert.

1.1 Livestream

Three websites for streaming:

  • Facebook

  • Twitch

  • Youtube

Before user will be able to stream, he should log in to the account or paste credentials.
After that he should approve all necessary permissions (only for the first time)

After that the user gets to the screen when he is able to start streaming. He is also able to set up settings (Resolution, Bitrate, FPS)

  1. My recordings

There should be all recordings which were made. On the top there is a search bar.

When tapping on it, the user should get to the “Edit” screen. 

2.1. Edit

The user should have ability to:

  • Rename video

  • Cut the video and divide it on several videos

  • Change the aspect ratio and crop so that a separate part of the video is shown, and not the entire screen (change the borders)


There should also be “Save” and “Cancel” buttons.