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TT For [Android] Erase Objects

[Android] Erase objects

                                                                                 Link to reference: (Reference)

Brief description of the project: (The application allows you to instantly remove the background of any image, edit, organise and save as PNG or JPG).

Application operation algorithm

  • Application launch

  • Home screen

1.0 Home screen
Top bar/ Navigation
: nil
1.1. Photo and album button 
Clicking the button allows selecting photos automatically. 

Search space: where users can search for the photos they want...
There is also a microphone icon, in this search space for audio translate photo pronounced. After selecting a photo, the photo editing screen opens:

Content page - photo in a frame for cropping a photo

Navigation Bar: Users see the back  / Undo /Redo/Next button
Page Content: users see the image you want to edit/erase...
Tab Bar: Users can see Brush Size {(when clicked on, an additional menu opens with options Offset / softness / brush shape (circle, triangle, square) and Off Distance (to move brush around the image)} .

1.2 Image erase Screen
Navigation Bar: Users see back to go back to previous screen, flip to switch image, share to share images to other platforms, save to save edited images.
Page Content: Users see the picture (First image shows the brush on the image, Second image shows the erase result of the brush).
Bottom Bar: (Same format as Brush size and Off distance):

Also, Bottom Bar, have these editing functionalities:
Background - Users click on this and lands on gallery (where you can choose image or camera - for live pictures)
Opacity -  to make image disappear and reappear
Saturation - To make the image physically deteriorate and vice versa.
Contrast- To make image have greater or lower degree of color
Blur- To unsharpened and sharpen image.

Settings menu: -

Privacy policy - by click
Terms of use - by click

Information on the API (if needed):  -
TK for content (): Background pictures for  inserting patterns - 12 pcs in high quality.