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TT For AVG Cleaner – Storage Cleaner


Brief description of the project: (to clean precious memory and space, save battery power and help boost performance speed).

Application operation algorithm:
Application launch

Allow Notifications or not
Allow access to files

Description of Screens:

Main page: After allowing access to all files, gives access to

AVG Cleaner app to access all applications, files, cache for junks..

  • On the content screen app finds junk to clear in % format

  •  Tab Bar is a Customize my tips icon where users can customize tips and share thoughts.

Quick clean Screen:

  • On the Navigation Bar is the arrow to go back to the previous page to scan for junks, and the top right icon for settings.

  • On the Page Content is all the unneeded files with these features:
    Nb: all these should be included in design

Cache Cleaner: Here user identifies and clean up unnecessary hidden and visible cached RAM (random-access memory) processes running in the background.
Media & Files Cleaner:user easily removes video, audio and other files and documents larger than 5 MB
Smart Photo Clean-up: App automatically identifies bad & similar photos as finds all photos that are near-duplicates, dark, blurry or poor quality and user can review the photos before tapping delete.
Battery Saver and Optimizer: This helps see what resources are eating up battery life and lets users easily switch them off to save power.

Battery Profiles - Users can choose between “Low Battery”, “Home”, “Work” and “Car” profiles to optimize battery life.
App & Memory Manager: Users can view and remove apps by storage, RAM or battery consumption.

Force stopping apps: Users can completely pause activity of RAM consuming Apps,including background processes and notifications and restart them anytime.

Cleanup Reminders: App automatically finds the junk and clutter and sends a notification to clean up the device and boost up speed/performance.

In all folders and applications found as a result of the scan.
Nb: clicking on the arrow shows in detail the items and space

  • On the Tab Bar is FINISH CLEARING clicking on this

Click on Cancel, cancels files to clear, click on Clear cleans all file.

After clearing, you see two screens above showing %  and Gb of cleared.

Boost Performance screen:
            On clicking on LET’S SEE abovelands on this page, where user can QUICK BOOST app

Cleaner Screen: 

  • On the navigation at the top left is the three line icon where on clicking on it user explores pro functionalities, storage and more etc

Settings menu:

  • The Navigation Bar is the arrow to go back to previous screen ‘quick clean screen’’

  • The Page Content is where user choose category to scan, review files before deleting Include here;
                Notifications: Users see weekly alerts about rarely used apps by time of last use. Users can then choose which apps to keep and which ones to remove.

Privacy Policy: by click
Terms of use: by click

Information on the API (if necessary): 

TK for content ():