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TT For Decibel meter

[Android] Decibel meter


What is available in limited functionality:
15% of the content for each category. other blocked content should be blurred on 40% and with lock on it

What is closed in limited functionality:
To see saved data
- Standard button: After five clicks
- No recording after the 10th one

Subscription is activated when
- User clicks on the save button after 5 times
- User clicks on the reset button after ten times
- Users try to play each saved data after the second time on the data page
- Users click on record after the 10th recording

Admobs Placement

  • Banner: Located at the bottom of the screen

  • Interstitial: After 5 clicks on each button

  • Rewarded: On click of save.

  • Native: On the recording page, every 2 blocks on all width


Brief description of the project: (Decibel meter-Sound Detector is a full featured

noise dosimeter. The application contains a professional sound level meter model with a detailed design and extremely convenient operation.

Application operation algorithm:
- Application Launch
- Home Screen/main page

Main Screen:

  • On the Tab Bar (NB; Has 5 icons:

1.Camera; Clicking on this will land you on another page where there are 3 icons (Overlay, circle ‘to snap’ and filtres’ to change background color sepia,monochrome,chrome,none,redscope,control,tint,nightscope,cold,insta nt and other colors) Normal camera functionality to take photos and videos.

2. Dosimeter (detects and measures volume of noise that you have been exposed to); Top right corner has Reset button where you can reset to previous.


% view on the top part of screen

Standard NIOSH button (click on and see NIOSH,OSHA,Basic) in parallel

Threshold in dB unmovable

Lower screen db counts

  1. Meter; For the upper widget, there is a quiet whisper icon that has ‘reference chart & Glossary’ with navigation left and right and an expand icon to increase the width of the widget.

For the lower widget, there is an instrument like a speedometer with three tabs ‘first is reset, second is pause, third is save’ with the last widget having Average AVG AND MAX

  1. Data; History part of where saved items are KEPT.

  1. Settings;

Settings Screen: Divided into 5 parts (General, Calibration (Trimming), dosimeter,data,help)

  1. General: Language; English Theme; Classic (Default), Dark, light for application Frequency weighting

Response time; slow 500ms, fast 200ms, impulse MP 50ms Show spectrum peaks

Peak hold

Prevent application sleep (Предотвращать переход приложения в режимсна)

Keep running in background

Auto save; to automatically save items.

2. Calibration (Trimming);click on shows the above screen where dB can increase and increase manually
3. Dosimeter; click on this lands you on a blank page with parallel options with NIOSH, OSHA, Basic
4. Data; Icloud sync, health app integration to buttons to synchronize
5. Help:

Glossary (attached below)

Terms of use by google click

Privacy policy by google click

Information on the API (if necessary):

TK for content ():