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TT For Music Maker

Brief description of the project:

It's a really great app that allows you to make cool beats and sounds.

Application operation algorithm:

  1. Application launch;

  2. Splash screen

  3. Main Page

  4. My music- Create record

  1. Authorization screen in the app application

  • Picture

  • Alert Prompt “ Accept storage Permission”

  • Click allow to give access

  • File saves

  1. Home Screen

After app launch, you see the home page.

All these are beats that can be downloaded and used to make music in the next page

2. My Music

2.1 :Add music : This shows ‘+’ sign to create music

2.2 Create Record

Allows you explore the many pre-installed beats and sounds to create your own music.

Operation Logic

1). Tapping on a box plays a different sound

2). There are 2 sides , A and B with 24 sounds divided into 12 per page

3). While making music , you must click on the record icon to record the beats or else nothing is saved.

4). You can increase the pace of the music by toggling the BPM

2.3 Recently Played

This shows the history of music recently created and played from phone storage.

2.3 More

The page’s sub menu shows setting, apps data, socials, etc

  1. Tutorial

This allows you to learn how to create music, ground up.

API information (if necessary):

Content task

  1. List of beats/sounds to be used

    Content Structure Should be :
    Folder (Musics) ->
                Folder (One Music) ->
                               Music Image + Music MP4 file + Folder (Tiles in this music) -> 24 MP4 files + Folder (Tutorials of this music) -> 45 stars files having details of this tutorial