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TT For Screen Recorder

[Android] Screen Recorder

Reference Link: App Store

The application allows for the device's screen recording and broadcasting of the recorded content across various streaming platforms Youtube, Facebook, and Twitch.

Target market: Gamers, Vloggers, and Youtubers.

Application Flow

  1. Algorithm

    - Launch of application
    - Main screen
    - Functional flow

Application flow

  • Taking Youtube as our application.
  • Select Youtube and log in from the local configurations.
  • Upon login, screen recording starts, and screen mirroring is effected.

Youtube Streaming screen Screen recorder selection

Record Manipulation.
The recorded video has these manipulation functions;

  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Save
  • Rename


The configuration settings on this screen; Resolution button with a drop-down list of options;

  • 1080px
  • 720px
  • 480px
  • 360px
  • 240px
  • 24fps
  • 25fps
  • 30fps
  • 50fps
  • 60fps


The  icon has the options below

Terms of use - redirects to

Privacy Policy - redirects to a

Functional Specifications

Storage options

  • On phone
  • On Cloud


- No API