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TT For Truecaller Caller ID & Block

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Brief description of the project: (Tells you who is calling you and why, so you can decide whether to pick up the call or not, also stay protected from robocallers and scammers).

Application operation algorithm:

Application Launch
Allow Permissions
Agree to Privacy

Description of Screens:

Main page: (Home screen) 

  • On the Page Content is the search icon where you can search using Caller ID results will be shown in Recents where you see the Caller’s Geo point; avatar, registered name,country, state/region, phone number, day, date and time.

  • On the Tab Bar are Calls, Messages, Contact, blocking,. Nb: no Premium 

Messages/chat Screen:

Here users can experience Simple and convenient ability to chat with anyone that has a Caller ID. chat is safe quick and simple like in screenshot above

Spam Protection Screen:

  • On the Page Content is Spam protection for both Calls and SMS to be able to detect spam and block for both Calls and SMS. With the ability for AI bot to answer calls and ability to chat with anyone.

  • Here users can see avatar,registered name,country, state/region, phone number, message, day, date and time of blocked.

  • Nb: when picking calls or receiving messages from verified businesses this application identifies this.

More & Settings Screen: 

  • The Page Content is the user profile that clicking on Edit user can edit Name, Gender, phone number, avatar,website, company street, zip code etc with optional options from website to zip code but Name to avatar important

  • Finally, ability to switch modes from Dark to light mode in Appearance

Information on the API (if necessary):

TK for content ():

Nb: include this inside Settings screen
Privacy Policy by click on
Terms of use by click on