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Decomposition For PDF Reader

TT of Projects and decomposition [Android] PDF Reader

How to set up workflow (VNC + Keeper)


Keeper Setup 1. Download and install Keeper application from Official website 2.Accept invitati...

How to shut down Multilogin correctly

FAQ Problem with Multilogin

Necessarily!!!In order for others not to have problems due to profile synchronization! To correc...

Fix a quarter of the screen TD2

FAQ Problem with Time Doctor 2

Most likely in windows display settings you have a 150% screen scale. Go to "Desctop" → "Right c...

Time Doctor 2 Autostart

FAQ Problem with Time Doctor 2

If you have Time Doctor starts by itself every day at the first login Open "Time doctor 2" → "Se...

Install AnyDesk on Mac OS


Перед установкой программы AnyDesk необходимо ее скачать с официального сайта  Before installi...

Time Doctor 2 Ubuntu 22.04

FAQ Problem with Time Doctor 2

Download Time Doctor 2 Link to Right click on the downloaded file > Properties > Permission ...

Notification macOS


Notification issue in macOS during Time Doctor tracking task. The reason for this issue is that ...

Fix Slack


Для того что б очистить кэш Слака: переходим In order to clear the Slack cache: go Menu → Hel...

Autologon Zoom


По зуму: что бы не вылогинивался зум нужно убрать галочку By zoom: so that the zoom does not l...

Multilogin plugin

FAQ Problem with Multilogin

При возникновении проблем с плагинами AppstoreSpy for Play Store и Keeper Password Manager на OS ...

How to add books to shelves for PMs

FAQ BookStack Quick Guide

After creating a book, you need to go to the Permissions of the shelf itself and click the Copy P...